10 Steps to Developing a Mobile App

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The world of technology is first growing with the mobile app development slowly dominating the business market. If you want to start the app development market there are steps you need to follow in order to create a successful mobile app

Use your imagination perfectly

One needs to identify a problem that is supposed to be solved and then choose the features you are going to use with your new mobile app.

Ask yourself what could be the benefits of using this app?

  • Will it reduce the costs of production?
  • Will it increase the revenue?
  • Is it going to improve your customers experience?

Be clear about these facts

In order to conduct a successful mobile app development, understand these

  • Who are you targeting with this app. Develop a clear vision of who you know will benefit from this application.
  • The mobile platforms and devices that are to be supported.
  • The revenue model plan; if you intend to generate revenue with the mobile app, the mobile app developer should select the appropriate approach in accordance with the application by attracting the user and spending money on various aspects that will run the app.
  • Understand the amount of money that will be used for development, marketing and eventual release of the app.

Designing your app

Here, concentrate on the newest design (is crucial in the app development), multi-touch gesture which is for touch-enabled devices and platform design standards. The design used will impact on the user’s mind, make it a good design.

Select the approach to use- native, web or hybrid

It should be in accordance with time and budget availability.

Developing a prototype

This is the process of using basic functionality to take your idea and turn it into an application. It eases the selling of an idea while attracting investors and working with manufacturers.

Link the appropriate analytics tools

This will help you know how many visitors came to your site, how they arrived there and how to keep them coming. Examples are Google analytics, flurry, mixpanel, pre-emptive.

Select your beta testers for feedback

They will taste the app and provide you with the feedback to reduce product risk, get the initial push and enhance the visibility of the app.

Release the app

It requires schedule and the app movement control as this aims at testing the live environment by ensuring the integrity is maintained while only the correct components are released.

Capture the numbers

It is assumed that as you release the app the number of users will increase steadily, always ensure to capture that list, you can make use of funnels.

Upgrading your app

After capturing the numbers, you will need to upgrade the mobile app using innovative features to enhance its visibility in the market. The mobile app market is constantly changing so ensure you constantly upgrade your app.

In conclusion

The success of a mobile app development one needs to employ the above steps but it is impossible to say which exact steps are contributing to the app success therefore, always employ those steps. In addition, ensure you market the app extensively as this will help you increase your sales while making the app visible, visit our blog http://theappdevelopers.co.uk

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